Cutler Hammer Catalog

Many people who are in the market for a new circuit breaker or any other related product often go in search of the Cutler Hammer catalog which is available on the Eaton website to view as a PDF file. The Eaton Cutler Hammer catalog is broken up into a series of 14 volumes, with each volume consisting of a range of related products within the same area.

Some of the most recognizable catalog volumes are:

  • Power distribution and control assemblies.
  • Vehicle and commercial control systems.
  • Tachometers, timers and counters.
  • Logic, connectivity and motor controls.
  • Control assemblies and power distribution.

Eaton have even said in their own words that with their continued growth, the difficulty in finding particular products is rising all the time. In addition to this, there are now simply too many individual items to include in a single traditional catalog which many other businesses utilize. The good thing about the Cutler Hammer catalog is that it is all available online in an easily digestible form and it is constantly updated when it needs to be. This is one of the great things about uploading a catalog to the internet.

There is no need to waste money printing a new one any time there is a new special or alternation as there would have been in days gone by. It is important to understand that the Cutler Hammer catalog products only represent a portion of the total amount of different products that Eaton manufacture.

Instead the Cutler Hammer Catalog is meant to be indicative of a more general representation of the popular and mainstream Cutler Hammer breakers and products on sale that people are most likely to buy. If you wish to delve deeper into the Eaton product line then you need to access the literature library. Keeping up with the continuous new product additions is also a breeze thanks to the Automatic Tab Updater (ATU) which enables you to also have the latest volume on file.

When browsing through the Cutler Hammer online catalog for Cutler Hammer distributors, you will notice that there are several icons which keep appearing again and again. A brief description of each icon is as follows:

  • Green leaf icon. Any time you see this symbol it signifies the Eaton promise that a product is made to the best of their environmentally friendly ability. This is accomplished by utilizing industry leading technology and complying with green government rules and regulations.
  • Learn online icon. When you see the learn online icon it basically means that you can access video tutorials and demonstrations on how to actually use the product concerned. People love this.
  • Drawings online icon. As the name suggests, this icon implies that there are useful drawings and product diagrams available to assist you.

As you can see the Cutler Hammer catalog is something quite different from the mainstream way of presenting products in a paper catalog. If nothing else it allows the consumer to see what products are available without physically having to enter the shop first. Regardless of that however, it is a useful, intuitive way for people to not only purchase their products but get the most out of them too.